ELENA single (light worsted)
We recommend using knitting needles EU no 3-4. Length: 100 gr is around 330 m. Gauge obtained with size 3.5 knitting needles is 20 stitches and 31 rows for 10 cm. Gauge obtained with size 3.5 crochet hook is 19 stitches and 25 rows for 10 cm.
INFO: skeins are 60 grams each
ELENA 2 ply (bulky)

We recommend using knitting needles EU no 5-6. Length: 100 gr is around 155 m. Gauge obtained with size 5 knitting needle is 14 stitches for 10 cm. 

INFO: skeins are 80 grams each

ELENA the spring color collection (SOLD OUT!)

These excellent colors are all obtained using plants. The colors match perfectly.
Ja, Wol has made two knit kits, one with all six colors in 15 gram skeins (approx. 45 m) and one with the six colors and an added 100 gram skein (updated: 2x 50 gram) undyed yarn.
We recommend using knitting needles EU no 3.5 .
Length: 150 gr is around 495 m.
Weight: 150 gr
Gauge obtained with size 3.5 knitting needles is 20 stitches and 31 rows for 10 cm.
Gauge obtained with size 3.5 crochet hook is 19 stitches and 25 rows for 10 cm.
Elena, the yarns, stand for being close to nature: no harsh chemicals were used while cleaning, washing and spinning the wool. This yarn has personality: its twists and curls were worked by machines that are 100 years old. It is honest: it is about going back to basics, to the core of things. Any garment worked in this yarn will have a rustic, rough feel and even basic textured stitches will be accentuated. 
In our second year (2015) we washed the wool with water at different temperatures, salt and mild eco-friendly detergent. The wool was so full with grease and lanolin that only water could not remove enough of it and the spinning machines could not process it. Still, the yarns retain some of the protective layer of lanolin. Lanolin is the wool wax that help sheep to shed water from their coats and so, our yarns are especially suited for making garments that need to keep moist at bay, for instance gloves or socks. Especially persons suffering with rheumatoid arthritis could benefit from wearing wool gloves.
Elena natural un-dyed comes in three shades: natural (offwhite), brown and various shades of grey.
We recommend that before using our yarns to wash them in tepid water and a mild pH neutral detergent. This will allow the yarn to blossom and it will improve softness. 
Please note that the weight of the skeins is not identical. We receive skeins of various weights because the machines of the fiber mill are not modern enough to produce consistent weights. Instead, it is the spinner that knows from experience how much wool has to be processed in every batch in order to get "more or less" the same weight skeins. In addition, after washing, the skeins will loose again in weight and this is again not equal between skeins. As skeins are drying (and they do that even on the shelf), they will become lighter.
We decided to weight the skeins AFTER having been washed and were dried in the sun. Skeins are then assigned to weight categories by following the + / - 5 gr rule: for example, between 46 to 55 we consider to be 50 gr, between 56 to 65 gr we consider to be 60 gr, etc. This is the best compromise that we can do in order to respect the technological limitations of the traditional fiber mills and to also ensure some kind of standardization that is required by the nowadays commercial trades. 
Elena 2 ply skeins are around 80 grs

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