Henk's handmade mini crochet needles


At Ja, Wol we are working on a collection of the finest handmade tools and notions that are locally made. To reduce the impact of our footprint and to show off all the craftsmanship that is just around the corner. One of our latest additions are these beautiful locally produced and handmade crochet needles. 

This is a mini version of Henk's handmade crochet needles. It has a metal loop so you can wear is at a necklace but it is equally functional in you notions bag for picking up dropped stitches. You can use it to crochet with but they haven't got specified sizes. They range from 3 to 4 mm.

A great gift for the crocheter in your life! (we have a gift wrapping service, find it here)

Use beeswax twice a year to treat the wood.

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