This yarn is only available to buy (or order over the phone/email) from our shop. It cannot be ordered from our online shop. Pictures and listed colours are for reference only; we will do our best to only list colours that are currently available. Stock levels are not shown here.

Blend 70% wool (Merino), 20% Cashmere, 10% Polyamid:

Length:                    100g = 333m = 364yd

Weight of skein:       150g = 499m = 545yd

Needle size:             3 mm - 4 mm

Blend is a mixture and we have combined the advantages of cashmere, merino and a part of polyamid to achieve the perfect balance of this mixture.

We believe that we have found the optimal twist for "Blend". The twisting should not lose the soft, fluffy character of the cashmere part but it should still be stable enough to avoid any strong pilling effect, which is often the case in cashmere yarns.

We are offering this quality in semi-solid colorways only.

Because of mixing of cashmere, merino and polyamide some semi-solid colour-ways have turned out rather more „mixed“ than usual. In case several skeins of one colour are to be knitted together then a regular exchange of skeins should be aimed for. For technical reasons, with this quality, one knot per skein can occur. This still falls within our quality standards.

We made a slight mistake with our recommendation for the needle size. Blend should really be knitted using 3 – 4 mm needles and not with 2.5 mm – 3 mm as indicated on the first labels. Unfortunately, the first labels show a false textileabbreviation for Kashmir, it should be declared with "WS" of course,  also applies to the washing instructions printed on the band not for our blend quality. Here, use only cold water and use hand wash.

My sample knitted with 3.5 mm needles:

10 x 10 cm = 24 stitches/37 rows

Please knit your own sample before starting to knit the item.

About Rohrspatz & Wollmeise:

The Rohrspatz & Wollmeise brand has formed around dyer Claudia Höll-Wellmann. The family business operates from Germany and have sold their yarns exclusively through their website and craft fairs for a long time. Fairly recently their yarns have become available through exclusive yarn stores and we are so proud and excited to be the first (and only) in the Netherlands to sell this amazing yarn. 

The reputation of Wollmeise is excellent, the quality of the yarn is superb it stays beautifull for a long time and there is very limited amounts of pilling. But the main attraction is the amazing colors. Full, satturated, bright colors with fun names like 'Happy Birthday Kristina', 'Fledermaus' and 'Mäuseballet'.

Designers Martina Behm, Melanie Berg, Sue Grandfield, Alfa and Åsa Tricosa have made beautiful designs in their yarns. Click to see their work. 

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