wol linen mix


Marjan Eggels studied fashion at the Art Academie in Maastricht and finished her fashion education with Artez in Arnhem. 

Developing her yarns she looked at the original structure of the fleece. There are more than 400 breeds of sheep and they all have specific characteristics and looks. When they are turned into yarn often these characteristics get lost. She decided she wanted to spin yarn and keep the look and feel of the original fleece. It's a very elaborate process, but it can be done. Resulting in a very exclusive yarn that is very dramatic in look and feel. 

Best of all, its pretty easy to handle and in no-time you'll make that designer pillow, throw or rug yourself. 

Two of her yarns are soft enough to wear and can be used to make furry looking trims, capelets and whatever your imagination comes up with. 

These yarns are for real wool lovers. You look at them, fall in love and NEED to make something with them. 

There is a lot of love and labour in these yarns but you don't need a lot to make a project look spectacular. One of the smaller skeins is enough to make a capelet or a pillow front. The big skein will make you a small rug or a larger pillow front and back.

Most Akaratos yarns are machine washable on a cold wool wash program, make sure the spin cycle doesn't go over 800 rounds. Use a special wool/silk detergent like Eucalan.

Akaratos yarns are spun from the raw fleece, it's possible you find a bit of grass or straw in there eventhough it has been washed several times.  

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