Rohrspatz & Wollmeise yarns can be bought at our shop in Rotterdam. They are sold online only through the R&W website. If you are not able to come to the shop, alternatively you can send us an email inquiry with the yarn(s) you'd like. We can order for you and/or send the ones we have in stock to your home adres. Never be afraid to ask, we'd love to help you with your purchase. 

„Pure“ 100% Wool, Superwash:

100%  wool, superwash merino (30 degrees Celsius in the washing machine)


Length:                100g = 350m = 382yd

Weight of skein:  150g = 525m = 574yd

Needle size:        2-2,5

This wool has a silky lustre and a smooth surface.

For technical reasons it could be that with this quality there may be one knot which does still reach our quality standards.

About Rohrspatz & Wollmeise:

The Rohrspatz & Wollmeise brand has formed around dyer Claudia Höll-Wellmann. The family business operates from Germany and have sold their yarns exclusively through their website and craft fairs for a long time. Fairly recently their yarns have become available through exclusive yarn stores and we are so proud and excited to be the first (and only) in the Netherlands to sell this amazing yarn. 

The reputation of Wollmeise is excellent, the quality of the yarn is superb it stays beautifull for a long time and there is very limited amounts of pilling. But the main attraction is the amazing colors. Full, satturated, bright colors with fun names like 'Happy Birthday Kristina', 'Fledermaus' and 'Mäuseballet'.

Designers Martina Behm, Melanie Berg, Sue Grandfield, Alfa and Åsa Tricosa have made beautiful designs in their yarns. Click to see their work. 

NIP (Nobody is Perfect) are B-choise skeins. Prices are very good for thesse skeins. No picture because the color could be a little different than the usual color bath. 

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